Strata Building Maintenance


Many of our clients have contracted Rockport to be their on-going support team to maintain and/or investigate their buildings. With scheduled visits, Rockport is able to help save money in the long run by using our expertise to identify and address small issues before they become large, expensive ones. Purchasing a home to live in or a commercial building for your business is often your largest investment. Making sure it is maintained accordingly should be one of your main responsibilities.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the exteriors' components is the best defence to prevent pooling water, mold, stains, wet and sagging floors, efflorescence on brick or cementitious products as well as any other issues that could arise. These are all signs that often go unnoticed. This approach also minimizes liability, potential structural, and health problems caused from deteriorated framing and even the formation of toxic mold, especially when not readily visible. Like everything else, all building products require maintenance to maintain their scheduled life expectancy and function.

Rockport's Building Maintenance programs provide all types of services including but not limited to, all repairs and replacement of; sealants, waterproofing and coatings, roofing, decks, balconies and railings, windows, doors, skylights, flashing, stucco, siding, drywall, flooring, tile, finishing, cabinetry and painting.