Who is Rockport?

ColinTruckSmile Our Founder, Colin Irvine incorporated Rockport Property Services in early 2004. He has over 25 years' experience in the construction industry and over this time has noticed a couple constant factors that give contractors a bad reputation; their quality of work and their reliability. During the late 90's, Colin's work shifted from residential, commercial and industrial construction of houses, schools, warehouses and strip malls into the "leaky condo" crisis, managing projects for large general contracting companies. This is where he identified the need in the lower mainland for a contracting and maintenance company with strong Core Values. Building back credibility and respect in the industry was one of the main motivators for him to create Rockport Property Services. In his own little way, he wanted to make a positive difference to those negative perceptions and since has continued to run his company with that mandate steering the impressive growth of Rockport Property Services.

For over a decade Rockport has earned the confidence of the Lower Mainland's engineers, builders, property managers and strata councils. We've proven ourselves as premier exterior contractors, and experts in waterproofing, restorations, renovations and overall general maintenance for strata complexes. We invite you to review some of our Featured Projects on our website to see examples of the type of work we do for our clients in the multi-residential and commercial sectors.

Why Rockport?

Rockport brings a thorough knowledge of strata bi-laws, building design, materials, building codes, and structural issues to every job. Our crew of experienced staff, including technicians, carpenters, applicators and carefully selected trades to execute projects with the utmost skill, make sure disruptions are kept to a minimum. Everyone on our team is mandated to providing friendly, professional and dedicated service to our clients on a daily basis, this extends to the consultants we work with, the subtrades we employ, and suppliers that Rockport uses.

From the preliminary stages of an investigation, solution solving or budgeting, to managing all suppliers and trades to complete the project, Rockport provides a complete range of integrated services so you can be sure no essential detail is overlooked. This helps us consistently exceed our client's expectations.

We are not the largest company in the Lower Mainland but we truly believe we are the perfect size to be a perfect fit for the multi-residential sector... we do not treat our clients as just another number on the invoice. We are large enough to handle any project yet small enough to be flexible for the unique requirements for each and every client. We pride ourselves with the balance of incorporating new proven technologies with tried & true industry practices.