Balconies and Decks


Balconies, decks and patios are an outdoor extension of our homes living space in the warmer months, increasing property value. It's important to maintain their beauty and safety. Balconies, decks and patios are often protecting dry spaces below such as parkades, other decks, entrances or living spaces. This gives them more function other than the outdoor living spaces we enjoy. Maintenance and repairs to these elements should be addressed in a manner that will prolong the useful life and ensure safety for everyone. The more exposed your balcony, deck or patio is to the sun, rain or constant shade the more often they should be maintained. Rockport Property Services maintains and restores hundreds of balconies, decks and patios each year.

Balconies are typically mounted over each other and could be wood framed or concrete. They are engineered to protect you, your guests or clients. Balconies have typical items that may fail over time and special care should be taken to ensure their durability and safety. These include the fastening locations of the handrails, the functionality of the waterproof coatings and any transitional areas water may flow to. If deterioration or lack of Building Maintenance is present the life expectancy decreases. Rockport can work with your Strata to determine your needs, build a plan that suits your budget and prioritizes the required repairs or maintenance. We install liquid and vinyl products as well as fiberglass. We also provide a variety of aluminum and glass handrails complete with engineering.

Decks are usually located above ground level or on the roof of the property. Most decks are constructed from wooden building materials such as treated lumber or cedar. These products require regular maintenance such as washing and staining. Wood will also shrink, check or split, however, wood is a reasonably attractive less expensive product at the time of installation.

Composite materials are also an option, which are manufactured from recycled plastics, resins and wood fibers. All are used in residential deck designs. These have more modern looks and can even imitate the beauty of wood in pre finished grains and colours.

When planning your deck maintenance or Restorations, it is important to also consider the structure, steps and handrails that attach to your deck. These may require repair or replacement during the project. When you contact our knowledgeable staff we will be able to advise what work is required and provide pricing free of charge.

Patios are typically ground level and on most condos or strata properties and are above underground parking. These may have concrete toppings, paving stones or paving slabs covering an important waterproof barrier below. These waterproof barriers have a life expectancy between 20-35 years and may be difficult to maintain without removing the toppings above.

Rockport can assess each application by the age of construction, addressing the water ingress into the living space or the underground parking. We would physically remove the toppings to test existing waterproofing. Rockport installs most waterproofing products as required by todays engineering standards. Drainage should also be considered. The structural slab below should have a slope directing water away from the building, possibly to a drain. Installation of additional drains may also be required to prevent pooling on the waterproofing.

To complete your patio project, Rockport's suppliers have multiple options of colours and styles of paving slabs and stone that can be removed easily in the future to maintain the coatings and drains for many years to come.