Rockport Property Services is a company that can accurately chase the source of water infiltration and leaks. Tracing leaks involves carrying out methodical investigation. This systematically eliminates the possible causes of a leak until the source is identified. The leak may be coming from one or a combination of; roof, exterior walls, balconies, foundations, windows, condensation and internal plumbing issues. Rockport includes the most appropriate options to fix the problems given the parameters of the existing building design, previous workmanship and budget.

Stage 1 Non-Destructive Investigation
We offer various levels of this service, starting with the Non-Destructive Investigative Report - usually at "No Charge"". This would include a site visit from one of our trained technicians who would be able to spot any visual defects and deficiencies. Our technicians will take photos and will also use our state of the art technologies to test for moisture content and then record all pertinent information in an electronic report that can be forwarded to your property manager, owner or strata council. That report will include photos, recommendations and costs.

Stage 2 Aggressive Investigation
Most often Rockport can diagnose the issues causing problems to the property during the free Non-Destructive investigation. However, sometimes we need to take the next step. Depending on urgency, we will determine if you require more aggressive action right away such as removal of drywall from a wall or ceiling or water testing, thermal or infrared imagery, or air quality testing as well as access to other areas. These steps will all be recorded and photographed to be added to this more in depth investigation report and we will provide the solution and the costs associated with it. If this more in depth approach is required, our fee for this service may vary, depending on the above. This service will be offered up front in the first stage of any leak investigation. The cost of this investigation is applied as credit towards the recommended scope of work that Rockport develops.

Stage 3 Asbestos Hazmat Reporting
With the ever present danger of Asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis in the construction industry and Rockport's own commitment to health and safety we now have introduced a qualified AHERA building inspector to our team.
As a responsible employer we comply with the worker's compensation act & occupational health and safety regulations (part 6), allowing us to provide a safe sample collection and testing procedure to protect your customers and the Rockport team while working on your sites.
This means that we now must sample all dry wall, stucco and every day building materials that may contain asbestos by a qualified bulk sampler to prevent any such risk of contamination or spread of asbestos and disposal.
Rockport can provide a safe and cost effective solution for bulk sampling to identify the presence of asbestos. You will now notice this included in projects that require this testing.
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