Village Del Ponte | Coquitlam, B.C


Exterior Envelope and Balconies Restoration

Envelope Repairs as well as restoring all 118 Balconies and Decks including additional roofing, window and door replacements.

This is a 4 year planned project consisting of 5 phases from 2012 to 2015. Rockport was awarded the first phase due to cost. Due to the quality and service Rockport displayed, we were chosen to complete all other phases of the project.


This strata property is spread over several acres and streets. Although there is a lot of ground to cover, on-site space is a premium. Rockport's mobile storage and disposal solutions made us compact and easy to relocate around the site as needed for each phase. Another challenge was to match the building's original design, as most of the buildings were constructed in the early 70's. Matching some of the original materials is impossible due to fading and wear and tear.


For a 4 year project Rockport designed and implemented an open line communication strategy to ensure that the concerns of the residents were always given high priority and that they were always kept in the loop about the status of the on-going project. This open line of communication paired with honest staff and a proactive council has not gone unnoticed, It is not uncommon for Rockport's team to be spoiled with baked goods.


During the first phase of the project the client realised that we stand behind our work and even exceeded the quality that they expected. Our courteous staff has organized and managed the site effectively throughout the long term of the project to minimize disruption to the residents. Rockport always puts keeping the site clean and safe for everyone high on our priority list.