Stanford Court | Vancouver, B.C.


Exterior Balconies and Decks Restoration

Rockport restored between 30 - 70 balconies a year for 5 years to accommodate the strata budget and priorities. This work included restoring the original wood timber handrails and recoating balcony toppings for 178 units.


The main challenge was the wind, as we were right by the water in west Richmond. This made it difficult to tarp large sections without the use of scaffolding. Also the handrails were made of wood and the strata council intended on staying with the same look as the original building.


Additional attention was made into a waterproof detail for their attachment to the balcony coating. Due to our planning and a pro-active strata council there were no major structural problems that had to be corrected as this maintenance was done prior to major leakage.t used a creative, scheduled monthly billing process and spread out the project over 16 months. This allowed both buildings siding to be completely replaced and avoided a second or even third phase that as originally planned.


Just as the client wanted, the overall appearance of the balconies looked as they did when the 22 year old complex was first built. The work we performed blended in with the original construction. After our visit the building was safe, secure, waterproofed, and left the balconies looking refreshed