Mistral Quay | Port Coquitlam, B.C


Building Envelope Restoration

Full building envelope rehabilitation of a 30-year-old 3 story multi-residential complex. Replace vinyl siding with full new rain screen and Hardie Board composite siding with new windows and doors and new upgraded roof top decks. Encompassing all structural rot repair and balcony upgraded with new membrane and aluminum railings. Suspended concrete slab podium waterproofing.


Weather during the initial month of the project was a challenge with heavy down pours and high winds. Through this period, it became clear that the suspended concrete podium was sloping towards the building. Additional drainage and waterproofing was installed to clear sitting water and redirect water away from the building.


This project was 10 months long. To keep disruption to the homeowner to a minimum Rockport rotated the scaffold in an assembly line process. This allowed owner the convenience of only being in scaffold and tarps for a few weeks each. Rockport has its own supply of scaffold therefore saving the client expensive scaffold rental.

Mistral Quay was a fantastic project to work on because Rockport was involved from the start with the design and carried it through to the finished quality product.


We are proud of the final outcome of this project. The finished building looks great and fits with the new contemporary style in the neighboring areas increasing the unit value dramatically.

A case study findings after completion compares 2 similar units before and after completion;


Main floor unit. 2 BED, 2 BATH
940SQFT with Patio
SUITE VALUE - $160,000


Main floor unit. 2 BED, 1 BATH
1040SQFT with Patio
SUITE VALUE - $279,900

$930,000.00 Investment ($119,000.00 added value per suite and 21 suites)

It was a pleasure working with the strata council and homeowners at Mistral Quay. We are glad that you are pleased with the outcome of this project. It was a joy working with you and thank you for the donuts.