Parkview | Surrey, B.C


Building Envelope Restoration

Restoration of two 30 year old cedar sided buildings with a challenging exterior design that affected the solution options for the project.


These two, three story uniquely designed buildings were restored from its original cedar siding to a rain-screen, Hardie plank and sheet metal systems. The buildings have received repeatable repairs by "the handyman" over the last several years and minimal maintenance. This presented 4 challenges, repairing the work of others, structurally repairing the building's unique style, gaining the trust of the council that paid for many previous repair by unqualified contractors and reusing the existing windows for the clients own budgeting requests. All these challenges were met by open lines of communication between the council, consultant and management.


Rockport used a creative, scheduled monthly billing process and spread out the project over 16 months. This allowed both buildings siding to be completely replaced and avoided a second or even third phase that as originally planned.

Rockport supplied and rotated their own scaffold system around the building keeping the costs of rental low to the client, this allowed Rockport the opportunity to restore the building as an assembly line system. This allowed owner the convenience of only being in scaffold and tarps for a few weeks each.


The result was two fully restored sidings on both buildings that originally may not have been possible within their budget. The council now understands the importance of having qualified maintenance and inspections done at specified intervals. With the buildings being located in a desirable upper White Rock location and a fresh 1970's contemporary style these units will be sought after for years to come.