Waterproofing & Building Envelopes


Montreux | Coquitlam, B.C

Balconies & Decks Restoration

A 143 unit balcony deck project for four buildings. This balcony restoration project replaced all liquid applied coatings with new 68 ml vinyl and included new custom handrails throughout.


Since this project was scheduled to be done during the winter months so the owners could enjoy their decks by summer, we were presented with various weather and access issues. Being up a mountain, wind and snow with cooler temperatures could prolong the schedule. Access to one elevation was easy, logistically; the other 3 elevations of the four story buildings were not. All materials had to be moved by hand, in and out, no matter the depth of the snow or the steepness of pathways and steps.


Rockport exceeded weather and elevation challenges by hording techniques that have the strength and engineering to hold up to the wind and snow, and the manpower to move materials and equipment in and out quickly. Even with these challenges, Rockport was still able to complete the project on time and on budget.


This Strata council was pro-active and made the decision to restore the balconies before the water damage and decay was so severe that repairs would have been more expansive into other areas of the building. This pro-active decision saved the overall strata a significant amount capital from their contingency fund; spending less towards early restoration rather than a lot later to restore the additional decay to other parts of the building.