Restorations and Renovations


Rockport's team of professionals have expertise restoring and renovating both exteriors and interiors. Often, people get the two mixed up. Restoration is the act of returning something to a former, original or unimpaired condition. This usually is in response to damage done to a property caused by fire, floods, weather or improper maintenance. Renovation is when you want to reinvigorate, refresh or revive a particular aspect of the property. Unlike many of our competitors, Rockport has a proven history of excellence in both areas, from start to finish.


Fire, Flood or Wind

The exterior or interior cleanup, restoration and reconstruction after a fire or flood can be daunting. Rockport can eliminate the hassle of trying to figure out what to do next. Unlike many contractors who just do the cleanup, Rockport can manage the whole process of clean up and restoring your property to its original or better state.

A fire or flood can not only cause damage to the immediate affected areas of the property but the smoke, heat, and moisture can impact areas that seem unaffected at first inspection. Smoke can flow through air ducts and plumbing pipes. Water damage can ruin more than just the walls and flooring. You need the expertise to check out other issues, such as damage to ducts, heater and air conditioning, roofing, sewage, utilities and the foundations. If not properly dealt with, the issue of mold and mildew will continually appear throughout the property.

Rockport's team is trained and experienced to ensure that any potential danger to our clients is eliminated. Whether it is a current situation or the potential for further problems, we have the systems and tools in place to investigate and determine how far fire, smoke and water damage may have spread. We make sure that any residue from water or smoke is taken care of and eliminated. Rockport will inform you what materials are salvageable and cleanable along with how long the cleanup will take and what to expect during that process. Our team of professionals will exceed your expectations and restore the exterior and interior of your property to its original condition or better.

Ongoing Restorations

Restoration is not just restoring after a disaster such as a fire or flood. Building exteriors need to be restored periodically from the typical wear and tear caused by weather or poorly maintained buildings. Interiors also need to be restored from the normal use of the property over the many years. Rockport has the expertise in both areas, especially as it pertains to the exterior envelope of the building and the results created inside.

Our regional weather conditions create quite a challenge to buildings in the Lower Mainland. We live in a Mild Oceanic Climate region that consists of 2 to 3 dry months and commonly wet weather the rest of the year. From a complete Envelope Restoration to smaller projects dealing with wear and tear on the building, we have managers, job site coordinators, and consultants experienced in the unique challenges of our climatic region.

Rockport can help with almost any trades related issue in and around your property. Contact us and we will help provide you with answers to why cracks may be appearing on the side of your building, walkways, or on the flooring of the garage. Are the decks starting to show their age ... or worse, becoming unsafe? Is the roof a source of concern? Or do you have smaller issues to address such as repairing or cleaning ducts, exterior walls, landscaping walls, concrete demolishing, patio stones, cleanup projects, power washing, windows and doors, etc. Rockport is the only contractor you need to call to asses, manage and restore most anything inside and outside your property.


Rockport has the proven expertise and experience renovating both the exteriors and interiors of your building. From additions to the exterior with new fences, decks, windows, doors, cladding or interior renovations to improve your property value and overall living experience. There are many reasons to have renovations done to your property. Some people have cost affective renovations to increase the value of their home for sale in the future. The areas most commonly renovated for this reason according to Home Value Survey conducted in Canada was: Interior painting and décor (73%); Kitchen renovation (72%); Bathroom renovation (68%); Exterior painting (65%); Flooring upgrades (62%); Window and door replacement (57%); Family room addition (51%); Fireplace addition (50%); Basement renovation (49%); Furnace and hot water heater replacement (48%). Ultimately the decision to remodel or move comes down partly to emotions and partly to finances.

Other people renovate because of a changing family dynamic, improve energy savings, additions to the main structure, additional living spaces or just to upgrade to a more comfortable contemporary lifestyle.

If the stress and immense commitment of the "do it yourself" option is not for you then your other two choices are to hire a local handyman or employ a professional general contractor. There is a fairly large "grey market" of unlicensed companies that you can easily find and may be enticed to choose, due to the "perceived" savings. Remember that your home is probably the most expensive and important investment in your life and as such you should consider closely who you hire to maintain and improve that investment. It is your responsibility to perform checks such as verifying licenses and insurances and check business references prior to hiring a contractor to work on your house.

Your best choice is to choose a professional, qualified, general contractor such as Rockport. Our experience and expertise includes ongoing upgraded training for all staff, appropriate licenses and memberships to industry sector associations, accreditation by a professional organization and high insurance coverage and bonding. We also pride ourselves with staying current with all tools and technologies to ensure we cut no corners. We are a choice for both small and larger projects. We will be there with you from initial design options and choosing material alternatives and help you get more value for your money. We will then have our internal team of licensed tradesmen to do the renovations. Rockport will oversee and manage all aspects of the project including hiring and managing reputable trade specialists in particular fields if required, to complete the project to the high standards of any and all Rockport projects.